Sunday, May 24, 2009

Making Cream Cheese from Yogurt, with the added benefit of Whey

This is a very simple process that yields good quality, live cream cheese, which is infinitely superior to store-bought cream cheese. The whey that is obtained is useful for an enormous amount of things, and is also incredibly healthy for you.
From Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, Whey can be used “as a starter culture for lacto-fermented vegetables and fruits, for soaking grains and as a starter for many beverages.”

From Ageless Remedies from Mother’s Kitchen by Hanna Kroeger, “Whey is such a good helper in your kitchen. It has a lot of minerals. One tablespoon of whey in a little water will help digestion. It is a remedy that will keep your muscles young. It will keep your joints movable and elastic. When age wants to bend your back, take whey.”

To make cream cheese and whey, pour plain yogurt into a strainer, whose inside is lined with a cloth. Set the strainer with cloth and yogurt over top of a bowl, which will catch the whey as it begins to drip.

Leave covered with another sheet or cloth for several hours. When you return there should be some whey dripping into the bowl and the cloth holding the yogurt will be very moist.

At this point, tie the four corners of the cloth (holding the yogurt) to a wooden spoon handle, which can rest on the edges of the strainer. Now the rest of the whey will drip out and the cloth with form a nice ball of fresh, live-culture cream cheese.

After 6 to 12 more hours, the process is basically complete. Put the whey in a jar or plastic container with a tight fitting lid. This can be felt out for several weeks and perhaps even longer and will last 6 months if refrigerated. The cream cheese will last for a few days out, or for a month if refrigerated.

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